9 Reasons Your Skin Hates You!


Skin care, preservation and purity is critical for women because the skin often endures harsh climatic conditions, adapts to poor eating and daily habits and responds to health fluctuations.

Therefore, they need constant attention and moderate attention. In addition, Madam, you should know that there is no magic cure for your skin overnight, so you must abide by the doctor’s instructions,

especially with regard to pimples and acne, problems that are related to the skin cause anger and cause some to make mistakes against their beauty, while others try hard The flaws themselves are counterproductive!
So we will try in this article to show you dear the most important mistakes that you should avoid to prevent distortion of the beauty of your skin and damage.

9.You sometimes use sunscreenSea smile sun Premium Photo

The sunscreen is one of the most important products that everyone should use, in order to protect the body and avoid harm to it, and not only use it in the summer, as many believe, but must be continued to use it in all seasons of the year without exception; Ultraviolet radiation is present all the time, and the skin must be protected from its harmful effect.

Sunscreen is the best way to protect the body from seasonal fluctuations and damage,
The sunscreen should be applied to the skin at least 20 minutes before leaving the house to get the maximum benefit from the sunscreen.

It can be absorbed by the skin, renewed every two hours.If used in swimming pools, water-resistant types should be used. It should be the last layer of make-up and not the first layer.It should be noted that the sunscreen is not only used in the summer or spring, but must be applied in winter as well, because UV rays are present all the time, and the skin must be protected from its harmful effect.

8.You sunscreen after you’re outsideYoung woman apply cream on her nose at beach Premium Photo

Cosmetic experts advise to apply a protective cream in the morning before going out. It is possible to apply after applying moisturizing cream. We apply the moisturizing cream (depending on the skin type) wait a little until the moisturizer is absorbed and then apply the protective cream. It is advised to apply sunscreen cream a quarter of an hour before going out into the sun to get the maximum benefit from sunscreen, and the skin can absorb it,
You should also renew the condom every 2 hours when exposed to sunlight or even in hot weather without direct sunlight.

7.You use a washclothWhite towel on a hanger prepared for use Premium Photo

A washcloth is a cotton cloth that is used to soak up water and moisture to dry and dry hands, face and body after washing.
As Chris G. Adigun, MD, a dermatologist explains, there are many women who do not know that the washcloth is unhealthy especially for the body because rubbing the body with a towel during drying can cause irritation and thus the appearance of pills. The body needs.

6.You put soap on that washclothImage result for soap on washcloth

The body produces natural oils from the oil glands in it, these natural oils are very useful in preventing a lot of skin damage, but with regular use of skin soap, these useful oils are removed away, this makes our body dry causing itching.
Soap is also characterized by high acidity level (PH level), and when used daily this wash away the useful acid layer from the surface of the skin, even scientists say that this layer is a defense as it helps the skin in defense against microorganisms, and through repeated use of soap -You lose this useful acid cover, and you will suffer from many skin diseases.
In addition to the above, skin soap leads to many serious defects on the skin such as the loss of vitamin D useful for the skin.

5.Moisturizing isn’t part of your post-shower routineBeauty and care, portrait of a girl with a brown towel on the head, Premium Photo

Body moisturizing is very important in a person’s life, especially in times of high or low temperatures in the winter. The best natural oils, as well as moisturizers sold in the shops must be of a medical composition and free of perfumes and alcohol.
Moisturizing the body is meant to hold water inside the body cells, which is reflected on the outside of the body in general, and the most appropriate time to moisturize the body is before going to sleep and after bathing or washing the face or body three minutes, so be careful to apply creams after each contact with water, especially the face, hands and feet Being the most vulnerable to weather fluctuations, as well as the excess of drinking water so that the amount of not less than 2 liters per day and for those who exert physical effort should increase the amount and distribution of that quantity throughout the day and night.

4.You believe toothpaste helps acneYoung brunette woman in bathrobe brushing her teeth with shocked facial expression Premium Photo

Traditional and odor treatments to get rid of acne toothpaste, it is already a benefit and removes pimples, and those who meet them modern medical warnings to stop following .
Published a site “Womenshealth” about “Joshua Zeichner”, the director of cosmetic research and dermatology at “Mount Sinai ” New York Hospital said that the toothpaste contains triclosan, an antimicrobial substance, that kills bacteria that cause acne.
However, there are warnings about this ingredient despite its effectiveness. Triclosan is a controversial substance, linked to hormonal disorder, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

3.You never clean your cell phoneBeautiful content woman taking selfie with smartphone Free Photo

Bacteria continue to spread everywhere, until they have reached our smartphones.
Scottish researchers from the University of Aberdeen have announced that plastic smartphones, which they believe are clean, contain many times as many germs as the toilet seat.
To get the desired cleanliness, it is recommended to wipe the phone with antibacterial wipes several times throughout the day.If you do not have these sterile wipes, you can use a cloth dampened with a special solution of your own using alcohol and distilled water, or a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water.

2.You’re a chocoholicPorous chocolate on a plate Premium Photo

Many of us love sugary-rich foods for their sweet, sweet taste to the hearts of the majority. It is true that chocolate can give energy to the body, but at the same time can cause health damage in the event of excessive consumption and can also cause damage to the body and skin, such as the emergence of symptoms of premature aging and thin lines, because sweets and sugars work to attack collagen Existing in the skin and responsible for its health and destruction of cells and tissues. Too much sugar can lead to skin loss of elasticity
Dryness and inflammation can also occur on the skin because it contains a high level of acidity.

1.You think “beauty sleep” is funnyBeautiful young woman sleeping in bed Free Photo

Nighttime harm the body in general, increasing the production of stress hormone, called cortisol, which in turn breaks the production of the hormone collagen, which is responsible for the softness and elasticity of the skin, and may be one of the causes of skin sensitivity,
Sometimes family or practical conditions force you to stay up late and not to sleep early, but you lose sight of the disastrous consequences of this bad habit on your health in the first place, and then your skin and freshness that you always seek to maintain, so we will tell you the damage caused by staying up late to your skin, and how you can avoid.
Skin tissue contains cells that are rapidly dividing and regenerating, so you need to replace them quickly to ensure the protection of the skin from external influences, and preserve its youthfulness.