7 Secrets to Get More Beauty from Your Beauty Sleep


Healthy and healthy sleep always helps the skin to grow in a healthy and healthy way, because the process of producing human growth hormone accelerates during sleep, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin in order to appear more radiant. As for lack of sleep, it helps to increase the production of the hormone cortisol, which helps the cells to collapse, so you should always get enough sleep, at least eight hours.

As for the aesthetic products of moisturizing creams and exfoliation benefits for skin care, a comfortable night of sleep will give your skin a fresh glow and radiance, and increase its luster and beauty. Comfortable sleep has many benefits for the skin and the body as well, and this varies according to the position of sleep and the number of hours, and also according to the aesthetic habits that precede it,

and thus may have a positive or negative impact on your skin. By following these aesthetic habits before and during sleep, you will have fresh, younger looking skin, and one of the most important of these secrets.

7.Tie Up Your Hair.Image result for Tie Up Your Hair

Among the reasons that may lead to skin problems for women is hair straightening during sleep, as oily or dirty hair can pollute the skin while it comes into contact with it during sleep.
According to a report by the British newspaper “The Sun”, the natural oils in the hair, as well as other products used by women such as shampoo, conditioner and treatments, can lead to clogged skin pores and irritation of the skin. The solution is simple, and does not involve the use of any preparation or therapeutic doses,
which is tying the hair away from the face before going to sleep, while avoiding tying it tightly in order to avoid being damaged. And women can avoid damaging the hair to the skin on her face, by wrapping it in a silk scarf even if it is straight, according to the newspaper “Mirror” reported.

6.Sleep on Your Back.Young attractive woman stretching on the floor Free Photo

A report indicates that the sleeping position we choose greatly affects our skin, as sleeping on the back is always a good position to sleep, because it removes the face from pillows that may be contaminated with bacteria or even creams or the remains of any product we used on our face,
also helps to relax the muscles, especially Feet and arms. It helps fight wrinkles and pimples on the face, say scientists. Thus if you prefer to sleep on the side and you cannot sleep on your back, it is preferable to clean the pillows frequently so as not to cause rashes on your skin.

5.Invest in Fancy Pillowcases.3d realistic comfortable square pillows in bright pillowcases, different patterns on silk Free Vector

Choosing a satin pillow case, for example, is among the steps that help keep your skin youth and hair healthy.
Although they are expensive, satin pillowcases absorb moisture from your skin, not absorbable, which helps your skin maintain maximum humidity. It also helps prevent wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with soft, clear skin every morning. The inner pocket also ensures that the pillow remains in place during rest, ensuring you get the full benefits of sleeping.

4.Tape Your Face.Young woman with measuring tape covering mouth isolated on white background. Free Photo

You notice that many of the videos that talk about women used tape on their necks to get the perfect shape and to get rid of wrinkles spread widely on all social networking sites. At first glance, these videos may seem fake. But after making sure that this strange new technology may have amazing and effective results, it will give you a distinctive look to your skin and neck, and you will look much smaller.
It effectively enhances and stabilizes the face, creating a shaped face, instantly lifting and tightening flabby skin, easy to apply, lasting all day, and removing wrinkles from the neck and jaw area with a wider range.

3.Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.Women after exercise drink water from bottles and handkerchiefs in the gym. Free Photo

At night the creams penetrate to the depths of your skin and the moisture content becomes very weak in the first hours of the day .. The skin dries at its highest levels between two and six in the morning, i.e. during the deep hours of your sleep .. For normal skin there is no big problem as there is a small stock to have to restore its moisture As for those with tense or older skin,

the problem seems more complicated .. Therefore, it needs more than others for a night cream used before bed that contains a reasonable percentage of moisturizing elements for the skin that exceeds what is contained in a day’s moisturizing cream,

and a night cream is also characterized by broadcasting its moisture elements over the hours so that Increases T. An effect on your skin in the early hours of the day when the skin is most in need of hydration.

2.Change Your Pillowcase.Bed pillow in hotel Free Photo

One of the common mistakes that hit the skin directly is not to change the pillow cover periodically! The pillow is a fertile environment for collecting bacteria and oils in your skin and hair, and sleeping on them frequently may lead to the appearance of skin spots, so make sure to change the pillow cover first-hand to ensure that it remains clean and safe. On the other hand, avoid sleeping on it without washing the face and removing makeup with a suitable wash.

1.Prop Up Against Puffiness. 

A German magazine explained that the causes of swelling of the eye area in the morning are mostly due to the accumulation of lymph fluid, as the position of lying down during sleep makes it difficult to flow lymph fluids, and the cause may be an unhealthy lifestyle, such as eating salty foods or alcoholic beverages.
Taking a sitting position during sleep .. It is among the recipes that the grandmothers recommend to use to get rid of puffy eyes, which is taking a sitting position during sleep, as this position helps blood flow better. But the sitting position during sleep is uncomfortable, which leads to sleep poorly, ending up with the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and inflated more.