7 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair “Avoid Them Immideatly”


Hair is the rown of wonen’s beauty because beautiful hair and cleanliness is the title of a woman who cares about her appearance.

Therefore, to protect your hair from dryness and related deposits when exposed to air and dust, you must take care of hair on a daily basis , it’s living organism whenever you give care whenever a beaituful lustes.

But despite all this hair care there are some habits that cause damage without knowing as Katie Baily , a hair stylist at serendipity salon in Geneva, Illinois advised to avoiding it to keep healty hair, we mention in this article 7 of them.

7. Using your heat tools on the wrong setting

Hair stylist is usually done using flat iron styling that transmit dry , direct heat to hair . although this hair care process makes the hair smooth , shiny and temporarily shiny , over time it negatively affects it , causing damage to the hair , dry hair , removing natural oils and proteins from it, and therefore difficulty in styling,

according to the stylist katie baily exposure of the hair to a high temperature through the use of hair straightener or hair dryer leads to several problems with the outer layer of hair sticks, which makes the hair weak easy to break.

For hair care , Bailey insists on the need to use heat protection products, by applying it to wet hair after you use conditioner on it , in this way will be absorbed properly and protect the hair from the heat of the dryer or iron, whether you plan to straighten or curl.

6. Forgetting to use heat protectant products

Hair protection is a fairly modern product in hair care, it is exposed daily to many factors of damage from sunlight and thermal tools from iron dryer and others in addition to wind and dust.

There are many types of heat protector for hair that can provide some protection from split ends, increase the sheath of the hair shaft, prevent water loss quickly and also give you a great appearance.

There is also the possibility to make a heat protector at home, and you can also rely on a reliable product. An example is the use of AVEDA Heat Protector Brilliant Spray to protect your hair from heat and damage that provides professional protection for your hair from thermal devices and at the same time gives you a shiny and bright appearance.

It is extracted from chamomile flower, green tea, hydrogenated castor oil, hydrogenated wheat starch and other elements that give you softness and shine and provides hair protection for a very long time.!

5. Sleeping with your hair in a wet bun

Every girl among us sleep in a different position and moves in many ways during the period of sleep , this may lead to the fatigue and messy hair appearance.

As Molly Crum, a senior at James Madison University says “I have a really bad habit of falling asleep with my wet hair up in a messy bun, but this really damages my hair. The tight elastic band leaves a mark and I always wake up with my hair in a huge tangled mess!”

But if you want to wake up with healthy and beautiful hair, you must follow the correct methods of hairstyles . A bun soft hairstyle ,and you can make it by lifting the hair and roll then fix it with black pins in an elegant spontaneous in the same time , it is desirable that the hair is not wet.

Certainly, it is important that you comb the hair well in a soft and tight, from above to the ends to get rid of complex hair balls and grt smooth and healthy hair before tying it in the appropriate way.!

4. Not brushing properly

Among the errors of hair care combed the bad way.

Hair care and combing is necessary , but doing it the wrong way can cause damage and shelloing . we gave you some tips for it choose the large and flat brush for long hair and the small brush for short hair, but for curly rug it is better to use a circular brush or the use of fingers .

Avoid styling wet hair , after washing hair you may notice increased tangles , to overcame this and care for the hair in the right way.

3. Wrapping your hair up in a towel

Drying hair with a towel is a quick and easy solution to get rid of hair moisture , but this is not a suitable solution for normal hair as normal towels cause friction which results in frizz .

To avoid it, wrap the hair in a microfiber cloth that is lighter and helps keep hair flat during drying

2. Not using a clarifying shampoo

If your hair seems to stop responding to all moisturizers, hairdressers, and products that worked. Well, it may to use a shampoo. In order for your hair products to work, your hair must be able to absorb them. If your hair contains a layer of residue of the accumulated product or Silicones sitting on the surface, your curls will not simply look or work best

The first step in many girls trips to healthy hair is to get away from the shampoo bottle, but sometimes using shampoo clarifying gentle enough for hair as Baily says ” If you use a lot of hair products, it is important to use a clarifying shampoo maybe twice a month “.

But if you have thirsty strands, you will definitely need one of the best shampoos clarifying for dry hair to ensure that your locks look moist and healthy after cleaning.!

1. Picking split ends

One of the most important problems experienced by many young girls and women as well, the problem of shelling the hair-split ends- and occurs as a result cracked hair tufts causing split ends of the hair. All this is due to a several wrong daily habits such as hair styling when wet, use a hot styling tools or cut the shape and nature of the hair.

The only way to treat split limbs is to get rid of them, pruning hair every six week helps remove dry and split ends, and keep hair healthy.

These seven bad hair care habits may sound really hard to break at first, but to quote High School Musical, “we’re all in this together,” girl. It will all be worth it in the end knowing that you’re doing everything you can do keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy!