STOP! 5 Common Skin Mistakes that Make You “Uglier”


 When it comes to beauty, it’s easy to pick up tips and tricks from the internet. Not all of them may be the best idea though.

More often than not, what you blindly read online doesn’t take into consider skin types, textures and sensitivities which leads to plenty of common mistakes in the area.

These 5 skin care mistakes are a few of them. If you’ve ever made any of these errors, start by fixing them right away.

5.Relying on Makeup Remover Wipes

Make-up wipes are an easy solution to clean the face without making a lot of mess, maintain skin care, and a very convenient solution to remove makeup outside the home, as some girls do not have the luxury of using makeup remover that can cause a lot of mess.

Despite the ease of use, wet wipes contain a large proportion of chemicals that help in getting rid of the effects of make-up, these substances hurt the skin and lead to dryness
Besides, these napkins do not resist cleaning the entire face, they leave some makeup residue and cause the residue to close the pores of the face.


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The skin is exposed to many factors that cause damage and damage, and there are many reasons that lose skin beauty and luster, the emergence of signs of aging, and then become the skin scrubbing is the best solution for treatment.
Facial peeling or scrubbing is one of the most important methods of skin care.It helps to open pores and get rid of accumulated deposits on the surface of the skin, thus facilitating the absorption of all nutrients.
Skin peeling technology works in two ways. Mechanical peeling, which is fine-tuned by an electrical device that removes the layers of the skin and makes the texture soft. Another exfoliation is dissolving peeling, which is done by dissolving a liquid or ointment that removes the upper layer of the skin.

3.Cleansing in the ShowerImage result for cleansing face

Keeping cosmetics in unsuitable places such as pigeons can cause damage. For example, this can quickly damage the facial serum, and the blisters suddenly appear after using a moisturizing and skin care cream.
A Spanish magazine said that awareness of the conditions for keeping cosmetic products properly does not require much effort or exaggeration, but only some awareness. In this regard, the maintenance of creams and cosmetics does not need to be kept in perfect condition, more than rethinking where to put them.
She pointed out that the bathroom of the house is not a suitable place to save cosmetics. This practice is one of the most common mistakes among women. In general, the emphasis on avoiding these places will not come out of the blue, but for several reasons, some of which may be disgusting.
The magazine said that the bathroom of the house is a women’s shelter to put the finishing touches while applying makeup and changing clothes, and is the ideal place to save these beauty creams. But in reality, the bathroom is a destructive environment for skin care products and beauty creams for several factors. Perhaps among these factors is the accumulation of bacteria and germs in all corners of the bathroom, especially if it contains a toilet. These viruses travel through the air to infect everything from covers and products to hair and skin.
In most cases, the heat breaks down the composition of these products, which means that some of their ingredients are not compatible. As a result, the discoloration and smell of the skin beauty cream suggests that it has become unusable, which requires immediate dispensation.

2.Not Using Enough ProductsImage result for Not Using Enough Products skin care

Skin care is no less important than health care.It is one of the most important things to be maintained on a daily basis, but it is often ignored.However, skin care can be done in the right way, and enjoy a healthy and good life, using the right skin care products.
These are the most important skin care products to use:
For example, skin cleaning products, as vegetable oils or baby oil are excellent substances to remove makeup, and therefore preferably used because it nourishes the skin, as well as toner, which is an important product to moisturize the skin and give flexibility, preparations containing Retinoids, a chemical compound,

found in vitamin A and treated Many skin problems are the most important problems associated with aging, if there is one anti-aging ingredient that should be used on the skin at night, it is Retinoid.

1.Not Investing Where it MattersImage result for skin care

There are plenty of places to save money within your skin care regimen, and thankfully only a couple steps really require a big spend. As a rule of thumb, your “utility” products should never be at a price point that you can’t see yourself comfortably spending every other month.

Cleansers, moisturizers, toner, and essences go on your skin twice a day every day and serve to clean and moisturize, not reinvent the wheel.
Your specialized products, like serums and acid treatments, require more complicated formulations and should come from reputable brands or at prescription strength; therefore, they will cost a little extra.