10 Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Skin Look Dry and Flaky


Skin is dehydrated. Whether as a result of the use of harsh cleaning products or a change in body hormones, sometimes the natural fat barrier is removed, which means there is a leak in the skin’s moisture and can become rough, scaly, and irritated.

10.You don’t use the right cleansing products

Soap-containing cleaning products can cause the removal of natural oils from your skin, leaving the skin dry and shrinking. Choose products? Look for products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, harsh colors or chemicals, which can irritate your skin (look for a soap-free phrase on the label!).

Avoid hot baths – they can strip the skin of good oils.
It is also a good idea to clean gently, and cleaning with Mislar water is a great way to nourish and clean dry skin. It will remove impurities and won’t dry out the skin like some other foaming wash. Another advice? When rinsing the skin, use lukewarm water or cold water if possible! When you dry your skin, gently wipe to avoid irritating the skin.

9.You don’t moisturize enough

People with dry skin need adequate hydration, even those with normal or oily skin also need moisture. Moisturizing cream happens, it does a lot for different skin types, it is more than just a moisturizing cream for dry skin, it also adds vitamins and nutrients important to the skin and enhances its functions.
Water is about 75% of the human body, which explains why drinking water is so important, which also applies to skin that needs to be hydrated regularly with moisturizers.
Dry skin loses water much more quickly and than normal or oily skin, by evaporation. Some external factors – such as pollution, sunlight, cold, etc., also help reduce skin moisture. Hence it is very important to moisturize the skin from the inside frequently drinking water, and from the outside using moisturizers skin.

8.You never exfoliate

Dry skin is a problem that occurs to everyone at some point in his life, while it is not a serious health issue, as it can cause itching, irritation and roughness in the skin and others. This is why you can use natural ingredients to help exfoliate dry skin.
Milk is very suitable for peeling. The fat in it can moisturize dry skin, reduce redness, remove dead skin, and soften it through its exfoliating properties. Note that skim milk will not moisturize the skin well, so you should use whole milk.

7.You don’t use a hydrating primer

There are many types of primer for dry skin, such as Revlon primers. It works as a primer and skin serum rich in vitamin C. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps moisturize the skin, cover wide pores and get a great look. It also helps repair damaged skin as well. A small amount is enough to use at one time.

6.You apply foundation with a brush

Cosmetic experts recommend using the sponge to accurately distribute the foundation cream to the skin, and currently using a blender sponge (in the form of an oval egg), which can be controlled in the narrowest places on the face, especially under the eyes and in the corners of the nose and mouth, also helps the sponge to absorb the excess of the cream to give the skin Soft and silky feel.
But the latter, do not use dry, is one of the most common mistakes that most women make using dry, and must be used wet with a little water in order to help the surface get wet skin and flawless makeup.

5.You use a silicone or matte foundation

No one wants dull skin, everyone wants bright, supple, and problem-free skin, so Max Factor Foundation is one of the best foundation creams for dry skin that gives it elasticity to the skin and great radiance, so the skin appears healthy and bright.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation features vitamin C, hyaluronic, mushroom extract and many other nutrient ingredients which makes it one of the best foundation creams for dry skin, as it also treats wrinkles and fights free radicals to reduce pores and reduce acne, and this is all that your skin needs.

4.You powder your whole face

For dry skin, you should dispense the powder as much as possible, as it increases its dryness. If you like powder, choose powder that contains fatty ingredients such as shea butter, for example, and put it only on the T-Zone, that is, on the forehead, nose and chin.
And dry skin absorbs the color, so it is better to use creamy or liquid cheeks powder and not as a powder, which would make your look faded and leave cracks on the skin.

3.You only use powder blush

Blush is the lotion that complements our look and gives our skin glow and freshness. There are many types of blush, the most important of which are cream blush and powder blush.
But creamy blush is suitable for dry and normal skin as it moisturizes and gives them freshness and radiance to hide their pale whilst powder blush is ideal for owners of oily and mixed skin because it contributes to pulling excess oils from the skin and gives it a wonderful color away from the luster that irritates the owners of oily skin.
That is why the dry powder should be completely abandoned, as, as we mentioned earlier, it causes cracks on the skin.

2.You skip highlighter

To make makeup unique, the highlighter must be used, as it has become one of the most important lotions due to its brightening properties. The highlighter also enhances the attractiveness of women, but many dry-skinned women lose sight of it and avoid applying it.
In case your skin is pale or dry for any reason (fatigue or even its nature), you can light it up, give it vitality and radiance, how? By mixing the amount of foundation you will apply with a little liquid highlighter and then applying the mixture to your skin just as the foundation is usually applied.

1.You don’t use a hydrating mist

hydrating mist is the lotion that gives your face irresistible freshness and makes it look bright all day. Facial spray provides the essential elements to your skin, nourishing and protecting it. Available in different types and benefits.
As we all know the preparation powder helps to put and fix the foundation in place, but if your skin is dry then when using the preparation powder it will look cracked, and instead use a moisturizing spray because it helps in moisturizing the skin.